Rimlite are:

John Vee @ Vocals & Piano

Chris Sim @ Guitars & Vocals

Panos K @ Drums

Morfeas @ Piano, Keys & Vocals

Anastasis @ Bass Guitar & Vocals

Rimlite are a rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece formed in 2013 based in Greece & London UK

Late 2013
Rimlite were formed after John, Chris and Pascal (Childhood friends) met with Panos K (drums & percussions) and Morfeas (keyboards, piano & vocals) joining the band few months later.

Later on, the band recorded a demo and during 2015 finally Rimlite are in the studio recording their new debut album called Forced to Deny Who We Are.

August 2016
Pascal Argys (Bass) had to leave the band for personal reasons and moving abroad but hey "C'est la vie". No one really LEAVES Rimlite because first of all we are friends and we love what we do. 

*2016 Update
New member joins the band. Please welcome Anastasis on Bass!

Musical Style
Rimlite are an alternative rock band and are often associated with new prog/progressive rock and space rock. Their music currently mixes sounds from genres such as hard rock, experimental rock, classical music, rock opera, electronic and many others.

Present (2016-17) 
Rimlite currently are promoting their debut album with gigs booked in Europe.

Album: Forced to Deny Who We Are

John Vee: Vocals & Synthesizers
Chris Sim: Guitars & Vocals
Panos K: Drums
Morfeas: Piano & Vocals
Pascal Argys: Bass Guitar & Vocals
Mary-Anne Smyth & Yannis F: Girl & Boy Voices "Moonlight Obsessions"

Music & Lyrics by John Vee
Calling My Devil Lyrics by Grammatiki
Arranged by John Vee & Chris Sim
Mixed by John Vee & Chris Sim
Recorded at Valve Studio
Mastered in Las Vegas, USA by Steve Nagasaki
Album Graphic Design by Vanamont 
Original Artwork by Sakis Voulgaridis